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Stop slideshow when audio ends

Shared 08 Nov 2011 03:11:48
likes this idea
08 Nov 2011 03:11:48 Robert Robinette posted:
Hi I really like the extension. Its been very helpful so far. But I have two questions:

1. I have the slideshow displaying a series of dynamically generated images while a single mp3 plays via the HTML5 mp3 player. I have the slide set to autoplay "off" and I use the Behavior Connector to start the slideshow when the mp3 starts. BUT when I do this, the slideshow shows the first slide very briefly (like 300 milleseconds) and then moves to the next slide. I don't want this to happen. But if I don't use the Behavior Connector then if the mp3 is paused at any point, it doesn't restart once the play button is pushed.

2. I'd also like the slideshow to stop completely (and fadeout to black or to a poster if thats possible) when the mp3 is finished playing. Is it able to do something like this?
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