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Best image rotator or rollover extension for online clothing store?

Asked 08 Jun 2012 10:34:44
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08 Jun 2012 10:34:44 Greg Landry posted:
Hi all,

I have an online store. I have a clothing line. For example, a tee shirt may come in many different colors so I want a roate through tee shirts of all the colors so someone can see all the colors of the clothing line.

The php code I work with is designed to have the image files in a different folder than the html/php code that loads the images. It appears most of the extensions here demand that the html anf image files muct be in the same folder. Am I mistaken?

In effect I want an extension that will make my work easy when attempting to display all the colors of an item. I know I can create rollovers for all the images but I don't want to have to code this by hand as it will take too long. Speed/efficiency is essential.



Replied 08 Jun 2012 11:11:21
08 Jun 2012 11:11:21 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Greg.

Do you need to achieve something like that ?
Furniture colors demo

Regards: Vulcho.
Replied 08 Jun 2012 12:07:18
08 Jun 2012 12:07:18 Greg Landry replied:
Yes, exactly.

BUT, I don't want to go through the hassle of disjointed rollovers in dreamweaver which I can do but it is not efficient/quick.

I was hoping there might be an extension to do this quickly.


Replied 08 Jun 2012 12:57:59
08 Jun 2012 12:57:59 Greg Landry replied:
I do have Advanced open window but doesn't the html file have to be in the same folder as the image files.

I'm working in Oscommerce around php code and all the php files are in a different area than the image files.

Replied 11 Jun 2012 08:05:23
11 Jun 2012 08:05:23 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Greg.

I will discuss your need with our developers.

Regards : Vulcho.
Replied 11 Jun 2012 10:54:50
11 Jun 2012 10:54:50 Greg Landry replied:
Again to clarify: an extension that would make disjointed rollovers easy to do would be great. I KNOW how to do disjointed rollovers in Dreamweaver but as I stated this process is time consumming. I would think it would not be difficult to create an extension that will associate one image or text link with the showing of another image or text link. The key is to be able to do multiple associations at once without having to do one association at a time as is currently done in Dreamweaver.

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