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cant control lightbox setting when using html5 slide show

Asked 30 Jun 2013 23:11:33
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30 Jun 2013 23:11:33 Gregg Daly posted:
Im having html5 slide show open up the clicked image into lightbox. This is working fine, how ever I cannot change the lightbox look presets. Ive tried looking through the site but I cannot see how to control the lightbox preset. Also, when ever I click on a image in the slide show, the lightbox title is the image path and not the title giving in the slide show, and is there anyway to cycle through the image once one is opened in lightbox?



Replied 01 Jul 2013 07:33:03
01 Jul 2013 07:33:03 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Gregg,

Instead of auto generating the lightbox links you can add an open Lighbox Behavior on image click event through the blue paper clip icon in GUI of the HTML5 Slideshow. There you can group the images under a single group, assign a preset or create new one, etc.

Replied 01 Jul 2013 16:04:47
01 Jul 2013 16:04:47 Gregg Daly replied:
can you walk me though how to do this? Im not seeing how i can open it up with lightbox.

Replied 02 Jul 2013 06:41:58
02 Jul 2013 06:41:58 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Gregg,

with your slideshow selected in design view you should see a property inspector for that element. There is a button named Slides - click on it to go to GUI of the extension. Or if slideshow is not yet added to page - click on its Icon in Insert panel - > DMXzone.
Once the GUI is shown and:
1. You have images set in slideshow select one of them ( by default the first in list is selected) and check if next to Link field under the list, in the select filed is set dmxLightbox - if so change it to _self. Then click on the Blue paper clip icon and in the left hand-side region go to DMXzone-> DMXzone Lightbox -> Open DMXzone Lightbox and select it, in upper right hand-side region select ( if not yet selected) "When image is clicked", then click on the right pointing blue arrow to add the behaviour to the event - you will be presented with new dialogue where you will be able to set up the Lightbox with more options.

2. you create new Slideshow and no images are present, then make sure to uncheck the "Auto Genereate DMXzone Lightbox Links". Then add your images and follow the instructions in point 1.


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