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Updating your extensions through Adobe Extension Manager CC

Reported 04 Oct 2013 01:59:11
has this problem
04 Oct 2013 01:59:11 Tim Liszt posted:
Using Adobe Extension Manager CC, I am prompted that there are updates to 2 extensions: HTML5 Data Bindings, and Responsive Landing Page Template. When I click on the green/arrow download button labeled 'Update Available' I get a window that says, update to v1.2.4, but then am directed to the HTML5 Slideshow page on your site. Huh? Now what?

Same is true for both extensions. Clicking update takes me to

Where do I download the referenced updates? When I search your site for the Responsive Landing page template, it indicates the version as 1.0.0, not 1.2.4

This is confusing!


Replied 04 Oct 2013 10:40:55
04 Oct 2013 10:40:55 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Tim,
There is a wrong reference in the installer of the extension, this will be fixed in the next update.
Please go to the product page of HTML5 Data bindings and download the latest version manually.
There is no an update for the template.

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