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A mobile app for a car-sharing company

Shared 12 Dec 2022 17:42:05
like this idea
12 Dec 2022 17:42:05 Isidro Oberbrunner posted:
Hello! Not so long ago I created a carsharing company, and it has already begun to gain popularity in our city. Now I want to develop a mobile app that will allow me to rent a car for just a few minutes at any time of the day or night and almost anywhere in the city. Can you tell me which companies develop good apps for business?


Replied 13 Dec 2022 11:30:56
13 Dec 2022 11:30:56 Den_ Chik replied:
Now almost every field of activity has its own mobile application. Especially companies that provide transport services. And I really like to use fitness apps for example. Since I'm into a healthy lifestyle, this app helps me count steps or calories burned.
Replied 13 Dec 2022 14:22:51
13 Dec 2022 14:22:51 Louis Hideo replied:
Hello, what good news you are giving us! In addition, any car business generates a lot of money, it is a very good idea to develop an application for your business, once you have it you will get more clients and logically your sales will increase, if you search on Google you will find professionals who are dedicated to developing applications for businesses of this type, in a simple Google search you can find them
Replied 13 Dec 2022 15:03:44
13 Dec 2022 15:03:44 Margarita Taan replied:
Any business, if it is debugged as it should, brings a certain profit. And the development of mobile applications for different fields of activity is better to let experienced professionals go. How to do this, you can read here https://orangesoft.co/blog/how-to-create-a-fitness-app but you should not engage in the development and implementation of any applications without proper experience.
Replied 13 Dec 2022 16:29:10
13 Dec 2022 16:29:10 Baity Wild replied:
I know of the existence of companies that create applications exclusively for all kinds of businesses, for automobile businesses too, you can find them with a simple search on the Internet. Have you tried doing that? In the results, their web pages usually appear where their contact and their work appear, which you can see and decide if it is the company you need or not.
Replied 13 Dec 2022 18:59:19
13 Dec 2022 18:59:19 Jack Clark replied:
As they have told you in some comments, it is an excellent idea, with the application you will get more customers and logically you will get more sales, since your customers will be able to see the cars from the comfort of their home or wherever they are with the application that you will create and regarding how to develop an application of this type in the comments they have left you an article that explains very well how to do it, you should read it
Replied 22 Dec 2022 08:41:31
22 Dec 2022 08:41:31 Nate Terner replied:
I think it's quite a promising idea. If I were you, I would also pay attention to the company https://coaxsoft.com/webflow-development-services they are engaged in a wide range of applications and implement very interesting, and most importantly working methods in their work and I think your idea just perfectly will be executed by them. Anyway, I hope this post will be useful for you.
Replied 19 May 2023 08:59:46
19 May 2023 08:59:46 Myroslav Kuzko replied:
you can try to work with Embrox solutions
they have also case about and relevant article
Replied 25 Jul 2023 20:32:58
25 Jul 2023 20:32:58 Timo Werner replied:
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