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errors on non-Bootstrap pages

Reported 09 Sep 2014 16:17:11
has this problem
09 Sep 2014 16:17:11 judy kiel posted:
I'm getting error messages constantly when working on non-Bootstrap pages - can we turn these off? Not all sites I work with are Bootstrap pages.

1st: "While executing onLoad in _onOpen.htm..."
2nd: "The following translators were not loaded..." referencing BSLiquidLoopsConditionals.htm, PHP_MySQL.htm and SpryWidget.htm files
3rd: identical to #2
4th: identical to #2
5: "While executing onLoad in _afterSave.htm..."

I can post screen shots if you like.
CS6 (v12), OS 10.8.5


Replied 11 Sep 2014 19:31:41
11 Sep 2014 19:31:41 judy kiel replied:
Just fyi, I uninstalled this (using the Extension Manager) and I'm STILL getting popup error messages, plus other normal functions in DW are NOT working, such as the basic Save As.

Not happy about this.
Replied 12 Sep 2014 07:30:05
12 Sep 2014 07:30:05 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Judy,
The errors you pasted are not caused with any of our extensions... It seems your Dreamweaver cache is corrupted. Please check this article:

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