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Cannot copy file:///C|/Program Files x86/Adobe/Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5

Reported 17 Nov 2015 14:27:28
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17 Nov 2015 14:27:28 cynthia fridsma posted:

I've recently bought the animate extension for DreamWeaver CS 5. I'm using Windows 10 and I get the following error message when using the extension:

Cannot copy file:///C|/Program Files x86/Adobe/Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5/Configuration/Shared/DMXzone/dmxAnimateCSS/Includes/animate.css to file:///animatecss/animate.css

Internal Error: too much recursion

Cannot copy file:///C|/Program Files x86/Adobe/Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5/Configuration/Shared/DMXzone/dmxAnimateCSS/Includes/animate.min.css to file:///animatecss/animate.min.css

Internal Error: too much recursion

Cannot copy file:///C|/Program Files x86/Adobe/Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5/Configuration/Shared/DMXzone/dmxAnimateCSS/Includes/dmxAnimateCSS.js to file:///animatecss/dmxAnimateCSS.js

Internal Error: too much recursion

Cannot copy file:///C|/Program Files x86/Adobe/Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5/Configuration/Shared/DMXzone/dmxAnimateCSS/Includes/jquery-lastest.pack.js to file:///animatecss/jquery-lastest.pack.js

Internal Error: too much recursion

I have looked at my program files directory and the reason for this error message is quite obviously: the files aren't there. I created manually the directories and I've been searching for the missing files to copy them manually to the directory but I cannot find the files anywhere on the web :-(

Would you please be so kind to give me the files in a zip-file so I can copy and extract them manually because I think that this is the solution to my problem.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards,


Replied 17 Nov 2015 14:44:38
17 Nov 2015 14:44:38 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Please use the DMXZONE Extension Manager in order to install your extension:
Replied 17 Nov 2015 15:48:03
17 Nov 2015 15:48:03 cynthia fridsma replied:
Hi Teodor,

I have done that. It didn't work even though though the extension manager installed it--frequently because I tried more than once ;-)

Then I decided to go to your showcase site, looked at the source code and downloaded the scripts manually. DreamWeaver CS 5 still gives the same message though

So what did I do next to solve this issue? Well, I copied the files to my test environment and despite the Dreamweaver Error Message, which must be related to insufficient rights to copy the files under Windows 10 with DreamWeaver---even though I'm running DreamWeaver in the 'Administrator' mode, I was able to use the script

It's quite handy I must say. Now I've a non-technical question related to the plugin but not to DreamWeaver. Am I allowed to create an example with your plugin for an open-source project?

Best regards,
Replied 17 Nov 2015 15:57:27
17 Nov 2015 15:57:27 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
1. Open DMXzone Exntesion Manager (do not use Adobe EM as it is full of bugs)
2. Go to installed section, find the extension and UNINSTALL IT by clicking the remove button.
3. Restart DW and close it
4. Go to purchased section of the DMXzone Extension Manager and install the extension.

you should NOT copy any files from one place to another. It is the Adobe EM that broke the installation and that's why you see these errors!

You can use the extensions for any kind of project you need.

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