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java-script error at line 3037

Reported 16 Jan 2016 00:07:30
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16 Jan 2016 00:07:30 Ruth B posted:
I had a new SSD recently installed and needed to reinstall Dreamweaver and DMX Zone Extension Manager which now gives an error when I open a new page. Can you tell me how I can correct this?

Thank you!
This also happened a a few days ago and eventually DMX software stopped working correctly until I uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times. Perhaps the java script error is the cause. I'd like to fix so it won't happen again and then DMX is installed the way the programmers intended.
See the attached image for full error message.[/url]


Replied 10 Jun 2016 21:45:26
10 Jun 2016 21:45:26 George Petrov replied:
Hi Ruch,

You reinstall the CSS Image Gallery from the DMXzone Extension Manager

Replied 19 Jan 2023 08:33:25
19 Jan 2023 08:33:25 Stefan Heisel replied:
Greetings Ruth B,

I seem to be encountering a similar issue on line 3037. My hunch is that this is a javascript error, however, I am unable to pinpoint the exact cause.

Your suggestion to reinstall DMX several times as a potential solution is much appreciated, I'll definitely give it a try and cross my fingers for a successful outcome.

Stefan Heisl,
Software Automation Manager

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