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Error updating extensions

Reported 23 Nov 2016 14:53:37
have this problem
23 Nov 2016 14:53:37 Andres Gonzalez Michaca posted:
I just download DMXZEM 1.20 and got error updating extensions. See attachment.


Replied 23 Nov 2016 20:16:18
23 Nov 2016 20:16:18 George Petrov replied:
Hi Andres,

How are you connected to internet? Are you maybe behind a proxy server?

Replied 24 Nov 2016 02:07:03
24 Nov 2016 02:07:03 Andres Gonzalez Michaca replied:
HI George, I'm connected with a regular fiber optic broadband connection, I'm not behind a proxy or something.

I also have the problem that the CPU go 185% and more
Replied 24 Nov 2016 02:24:22
24 Nov 2016 02:24:22 Andres Gonzalez Michaca replied:
I have reinstalled the DEM and the CPU problem was fixed, but I still have the problem with the extension. (Installing or updating) "Timeout on download of extension"
Replied 26 Nov 2016 09:49:32
26 Nov 2016 09:49:32 David Thurston replied:
I am having exactly this same problem as reported on another thread.

I really need a fix and my workflow has come to a halt because of it.
Replied 26 Nov 2016 11:35:18
26 Nov 2016 11:35:18 George Petrov replied:
Hi All,

In the current version we have some problems when you are behind a proxy as well with installing some old free extensions and 3rd party extensions. We are working on an update to fix all this but for now you can indeed download the previous stable version 1.1.4:

** use the latest version 1.2.1 **

Note those links are only temporally available until we release the next update.

Replied 27 Nov 2016 15:21:37
27 Nov 2016 15:21:37 Jack McNeely replied:
I have the evil of installation hangs with some of the old, free extensions in CS6 on Windows 10. If I have the .mxp file sitting on my hard drive, I can install that. But if I go to the dmxzone website to try to get the latest .mxp file, it no longer lets me save the file and instead launches the Extension Manager, and then the installation will fail. The file partially downloads in Extension Manager and then hangs, but what is worse is that it jams up the queue so that I cannot install any more extensions, either by downloading from the website or installing a saved .mxp file from the hard drive. The only way I have found to clear the queue is to reboot.
Replied 28 Nov 2016 15:19:37
28 Nov 2016 15:19:37 Andres Gonzalez Michaca replied:
Hello, I've tried the DMXzone Extension Manager 1.2.1-beta1 and still getting errors.

I also have the log file, How do I get it to you?

Replied 28 Nov 2016 15:26:39
28 Nov 2016 15:26:39 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hi Andres,
Please send the log file to:
Replied 08 Dec 2016 11:22:31
08 Dec 2016 11:22:31 George Petrov replied:
This has being solved in the just released version 1.2.1

So you can click on the refresh icon to get the inline update or download and install it fully from:


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