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Help - How do I stop annoying sales messages from DMXZone Extension Manager?

Asked 11 Apr 2018 15:36:00
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11 Apr 2018 15:36:00 Bruce Wilkie posted:
DMXZone Manager has just started pushing sales messages onto my desktop. I can't find anything in settings to stop this. How do I stop it doing this as it's obscuring a key part of my screen and annoying the hell out of me.

I shut them down but they come back. I already get emails from you and I can opt out of those if I choose. How do I opt out of these as they're a lot more irritating than just an email?

Alternatively can I just shut down Extension Manager and still run the extentions in Dreamweaver?

Please help me fix this. It's making me hate the product

Thanks in advance


Replied 12 Apr 2018 06:54:23
12 Apr 2018 06:54:23 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hi Bruce,
If you are referring to the push notifications about new releases - once you close them, they don't come back.

We will add an option to disable push notifications about new releases and updates in the next update of extension manager.
Replied 13 Apr 2018 13:57:04
13 Apr 2018 13:57:04 Bruce Wilkie replied:
Thanks Teodor. Would be great if you can do that for the next release of the extension manager

Replied 23 Apr 2018 10:24:16
23 Apr 2018 10:24:16 Bruce Wilkie replied:
Hi again Teodor

Do you have a scheduled date for the next release of Extension Manager? Popups are driving me mad
Replied 23 Apr 2018 15:20:21
23 Apr 2018 15:20:21 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Please update your EM to the latest version, the option to stop update notifications has been added.
Replied 23 Apr 2018 16:04:58
23 Apr 2018 16:04:58 Bruce Wilkie replied:
Thanks Teodor

Looks like it’s now updated itself to 1.3.0 and I’ve changed the setting on it now.

Thanks so much


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