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Extension Manager and Mac OS Sonoma.

Reported 07 Apr 2024 11:27:55
have this problem
07 Apr 2024 11:27:55 User  posted:
Apple had to wipe my drive at the time of a hardware repair!
They installed Sonoma and gave me back the computer.

I have been re-installing all my applications and this included Dreamweaver 21.3.
However, when trying to use DMXZone Extension Manager to install all my DW extensions I find that no window appears for your extension manager and the menu has gibberish words in it. (I have installed and re-installed the extension manager many times.)

I assume that this reflects an incompatibility with Mac OS 14(Sonoma). (I am running 14.4.1).
Is there a plan to deal with this issue for DMXZone EM?



Replied 18 Apr 2024 23:19:36
18 Apr 2024 23:19:36 User  replied:
Yes. I need to install some extensions into DW2021 v12.3.0 within Sonoma on intel 27" iMac. I too cannot see any windows or workable commands in DMX Extension Manager. Is it incompatible? Are we stuck until an update happens some time in the distant future?
Replied 18 Apr 2024 23:20:41
18 Apr 2024 23:20:41 User  replied:
Sonoma was released 7 months ago...

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