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Remove Cookie

Reported 07 Oct 2016 09:43:39
have this problem
07 Oct 2016 09:43:39 Bekhzod Shamsiev posted:
I can not remove the cookie. I get this error message:

TypeError: this.hasItem is not a function

B.removeItem() => dmxDataBindings.js:7

dmxStateManagementAction() => index.php:37

onclick() => index.php:1


Replied 11 Oct 2016 14:32:32
11 Oct 2016 14:32:32 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Bekhzod,

where did you bind the remove cookie behavior?
Replied 12 Oct 2016 07:38:32
12 Oct 2016 07:38:32 Bekhzod Shamsiev replied:
onClick button
Replied 28 Dec 2016 10:31:54
28 Dec 2016 10:31:54 Herve de Brabandère 7ok sprl replied:
Hello Teodor,

When do you plan to fix this bug

Chat on

Conversation started on : Tuesday, October 25, 2016, at 09:24 (GMT+0)
[09:42] Herve de Brabandère 7ok sprl: Regarding cookies, on my page when i push set yes button the cookie is set to yes as you can see it in the right window, same with set cookies to no button.
But if you push delete cookie button nothing happens
[09:44] Teodor: Please hold on for a second
[09:45] Teodor: we are checking what is wrong with the extension
[09:50] Herve de Brabandère 7ok sprl: ok
[09:59] Teodor: The extension needs an update. There is a small bug in the behaviors that needs to be fixed
[09:59] Teodor: Most probably the update will be ready in the next few days and you will be notified about it.
Replied 03 Jan 2017 08:26:33
03 Jan 2017 08:26:33 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hi Herve,
Sorry for the delay, there were some higher priority updates, and this one was set on hold. I will check when this update is going to be updated and will let you know.
Replied 07 Apr 2018 10:10:43
07 Apr 2018 10:10:43 Steffen Windisch replied:
I have also a problem with removing a cookie
In html5bindings I want to remove a cookie. Unfortunately it does not work. What can I do wrong? Here is my source code

<li><a href="#" onClick="dmxStateManagementAction('removeCookie','selection','',({}));dmxBootstrap3ComponentsAction('collapse','#selection','hide')"><span class="label label-danger">reset</span></a></li>
Replied 07 Apr 2018 10:20:44
07 Apr 2018 10:20:44 Steffen Windisch replied:
here the error message:
Uncaught TypeError: this.hasItem is not a function
at removeItem (dmxDataBindings.js:7)
at dmxStateManagementAction (index.html:103)
at HTMLAnchorElement.onclick (index.html:226)
Replied 02 May 2018 16:02:28
02 May 2018 16:02:28 Steffen Windisch replied:
I read almost daily about new extensions. That's nice, but when will known bugs in older extensions be fixed?

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