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question about purpose format

Asked 19 Dec 2017 15:34:08
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19 Dec 2017 15:34:08 MX Addict posted:
Hi Teodor,

Can you please still explain what the purpose is of format: auto, jpeg, png, gif in my other topic.

format auto generate error.



Replied 19 Dec 2017 16:02:45
19 Dec 2017 16:02:45 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
The purpose of format is to convert the image to the desired format, when processing it.
Replied 19 Dec 2017 19:07:19
19 Dec 2017 19:07:19 MX Addict replied:
Hi Teodor,

But this doesn't work. In the old ASP SIP version when changed format for example to PNG. Every uploaded image *.jpg or *.gif was changed to *png. But in this server connect version it doesn't.

You mentioned to check this issue with the developers. Am I right?

Replied 20 Dec 2017 09:03:12
20 Dec 2017 09:03:12 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
As i explained in other topics - these are two different technologies and these are two different tools working differently. It is not proper to compare two different technologies as they are using totally different logic behind.

The type dropdown DOES actually convert the files when processing them, it is just the {ext} map is not getting the selected type from the dropdown, but uses the initial file extension instead.
This will be improved in the next updates, for now just select your type and enter the its extension type in the rename mask ... not a huge issue.

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