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Multiple Upload Folders

Reported 13 Oct 2017 18:26:22
has this problem
13 Oct 2017 18:26:22 Ron Kidwell posted:
I am using Pure ASP Upload 3.1.3 along with the add-on pack and cannot get multiple files in different upload folders to be renamed during the upload process. The database reflects the new names for each file, but the files in the folders still have their original names. Using the same upload folder for all files works fine, but I am hoping to be able to store the files in different upload folders. Is this even possible?

Here is my code:

'*** Pure ASP File Upload 3.1.3
' Process form frmUpload
Dim pau, DMX_uploadAction, UploadRequest, UploadQueryString, pau_thePath, pau_nameConflict, pau_saveWidth, pau_saveHeight
Set pau = new PureUpload
pau.ScriptLibrary = "/ScriptLibrary"
pau.ConflictHandling = "uniq"
pau.StoreType = "file"
pau.UploadFolder = ""
Dim uploadstrAgenda
set uploadstrAgenda = pau.AddField("File1")
uploadstrAgenda.UploadFolder = "D:\Folder1"
uploadstrAgenda.AllowedExtensions = "pdf" ' "custom"
Dim uploadstrMinutes
set uploadstrMinutes = pau.AddField("File2")
uploadstrMinutes.UploadFolder = "D:\Folder2"
uploadstrMinutes.AllowedExtensions = "pdf" ' "custom"
Dim uploadstrNewsletter
set uploadstrNewsletter = pau.AddField("File3")
uploadstrNewsletter.UploadFolder = "D:\Folder3"
uploadstrNewsletter.AllowedExtensions = "pdf" ' "custom"
%' *** Rename Uploaded Files 1.8.2
If (CStr(Request.QueryString("GP_upload")) <> "") Then
  Dim REUF_renameMask
  REUF_renameMask = Session("username") & "_" & varNumDate & ".ext"
  RenameUploadedFiles pau_thePath, pau_nameConflict, REUF_renameMask
end if

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