Design a Custom Twitter Header

Maybe you’re one of those who haven’t updated their Twitter headers yet, or maybe you’ve heard it already but you’re not just into creating your own design due to a lack of inspiration? Well, that’s not a problem at all now, this tutorial is for you. Michael John Burns is going to show you how to create your own, and showcase some Twitter headers for your inspiration.

Create a Syfy Inspired Logo Animation

You already know that Photoshop is a fantastic tool for creating 2D images. What you might not know is that Photoshop also has limited capabilities for creating high quality 3D images and animations. In this tutorial, Ed Lopez will use the new and improved 3D and Timeline features of Photoshop CS6 to create a Syfy inspired text effect and logo animation without any additional applications. Let’s get started!

Create a Photo Realistic Digital Painting in Photoshop

With the right knowledge, the brush tool in Photoshop can be extremely powerful. In this tutorial, Zhiyi Zheng will use digital painting techniques to create a photo realistic illustration of a swan inside a wine glass. This concept will begin as a sketch and then slowly build up to the final result. Let’s get started!

Create a Stitched Denim Text Effect in Photoshop

Rose is a graphic designer who has been using Photoshop since 2007 and in this tutorial, she will explain how to combine filters, brushes, and vector shapes to create a stitched denim text effect using Photoshop CS6. Let’s get started!

Create a Crisp Metallic Text Effect

Photoshop is an excellent tool that can help you go wild with your ideas and the only limitation is your mind. In this quick tip tutorial, Gianluca Giacoppo will explain how to create a crisp, metallic text effect using just a couple of layer styles in Photoshop. Let’s get started!

Create a Bloody Text Effect in Photoshop

Text Effects are great opportunity to realize your creative aspiration, turning a text into  an original and unique masterpiece, enriched with unusual forms, colors and shapes. Inscriptions made in different styles will be a good decoration and supplement to any design and context. In this tutorial Jan Stverak will show you how to create a bloody text effect using layer styles in Photoshop.

Create Your Own Animated Pre - Loader in Photoshop

Andrew Wilson is going to create a little animated gif that can be used for a multitude of widgets, anytime ajax content is being requested, files are being uploaded, whatever you fancy. Feel free to mix-in your own styles and variations to the loader as you go along. There are three major sections you will be undertaking: creating the loader shapes, styling the loader shapes and animating the loader.

Create a Neon Text Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop is a great program for editing images, adding different effects and making manipulations. In this tutorial Michael Kruiswijk will show you how to make a neon text effect in Photoshop using layer styles and textures. Let’s get started.

Create a Candy Flavored Text Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop is the leading digital image editing application for the Internet, print, and other new media disciplines. In this quick tip tutorial Enrique Elicabe will explain how to create a candy cane-style text effect in Photoshop. Let’s get started!

Create a Retro Chrome Automobile Emblem

By combining certain fonts and styles, you can create graphics reminiscent of the automobile emblems of the 1950's, also known as Brightwork. In this tutorial John Shaver will show you how to create a reflective, retro chrome emblem using Photoshop layer styles and a few selection tricks. Let’s get started.

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