Create flash video player using Flash Components
In this tutorial I will show you how to create flash video player for your website using flash components in Adobe Flash Professional CS3.
Convert video file to the .flv format using Adobe Flash CS3 Video Encoder
This video tutorial explains how to convert video file to the .flv format using Adobe Flash CS3 Video Encoder.
JavaScript and Flash Panels

Most of Macromedia's products support extension through scripting in some way. Fireworks and Flash have a very similar JavaScript API that they expose to allow you to call application features through code. The code is a form of JavaScript and is procedural in nature. You can write functions and variables like you would in ActionScript, but there is really no point to OOP in terms of writing scripts.

Because Fireworks has had its scripting engine longer, it comes with more example scripts upon first installation. There are more on Macromedia's site and on the Net; they're called commands and are saved as text files. For Fireworks the file format is .jsf, and for Flash the file format is .jsfl. You can use any text editor for either, but Flash has two advantages: Flash will provide code hints for the Flash JSAPI, and if you install the FWCommandComponents, an MXP found in the Extending Fireworks folder on the Studio MX CD, it'll install the code hints for Fireworks as well. These scripts can be run in a few ways. In Fireworks, you go to the Commands menu and select Run Command. This will open a dialogue and allow you to choose the JSF file to run. In Flash, you select Commands and choose Run Command, and through the same process pick your JSFL file.

Flash panels provide a GUI to that functionality. By making a Flash movie with some new code, you can have that Flash movie control the IDE as well as call other commands and/or scripts. They appear in a normal Fireworks or Flash window

Introducing sIFR: The Healthy Alternative to Browser Text

It’s been well over ten years now since the debut of the graphical web browser and we still don’t have an easy way to deliver rich typography using HTML/CSS. With CSS we can size, style, color, kern, show, and hide our text but we can’t deliver something classical typesetters have delivered since at least the 15th century: custom typography. Until now.

In concert with Shaun Inman and Tomas Jogin, [I] am releasing into the public domain a scalable, multiline, Flash 6 compatible version of IFR to help you reduce the amount of browser text in your life and free the world from the scourge of Arial.

Flash MX Hands On Training: Working with Text

This chapter will show you how to create horizontal or vertical text, text fields that bring in text from an external document, make text scroll, and create text fields where someone can enter information themselves.

This sample is taken from Chapter 12: "Working with Text" of the glasshaus title "Flash MX H.O.T"

Displaying Multiple Access Records with Flash and ASP
Most Flash & ASP tutorials only deal with returning one row of information at a time from the database to the Flash movie. I was interested in displaying multiple records and fields simultaneously. One resource ( pointed the way and I used this start to arrive at a nice solution which is explained here.
Create a Flash 5 Form & Retrieve Form Values on UD Page
Omar Elbaga of has completed a tutorial that will demonstrate how to create a form in Flash 5 and retrieve the values of that form in an Ultradev page.  Code examples are provided for both ASP(VBScript/Javascript) & Coldfusion.
Advanced form using Flash and PHP

This tutorial is a follow up to my other tutorial 'Form with PHP and Flash', this time I have covered adding elements like a drop down menu and check boxes. This tutorial is for Flash 5 only.

Contact form with PHP and Flash
In this tutorial we are going to show you how to create a contact form within flash and send it using PHP.
Flash 'n' ASP

An excellent tutorial about integration between Flash and ASP code!
You should definitely read this one if your are going to do some dynamic Flash generation.