Designing the Web: Photoshop Tutorials for Designing a Website

For those of us in the business of designing the web, one area of resources that always prove invaluable to have in our design arsenals is tutorials. Learning how other web designers have crafted their designs, and which tools they always rely on can always help to guide us as we are either developing or honing our own skills. So we search the web for useful tutorials. Well today we have done the searching for you.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Be My Valentine

Take the opportunity to learn how to create a romantic gift box in AI. In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial we will be learning how to create a heart shaped gift box by using a few basic tools such as the Ellipse Tool (L) and Pen Tool (P).

How To Build a Handwritten Letter Style Contact Form

Follow this step by step tutorial to create a traditional pen & paper inspired contact form in HTML and CSS. We’ll use a mix of basic and intermediate CSS techinques to give the form the appearance of a letter, then use the @font-face CSS property to transform the digital text into handwriting.

Top Valentine’s Day Graphic Design Tutorials

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and designers are eager to try out their creative skills. With the holiday comes a time of bright colors, attractive graphics and shimmering effects which can make for some romantic manipulations. We have collected some very useful tutorials, which will help you use Photoshop patterns, brushes and much more to create awesome Valentine’s graphics of your own.

St. Valentine’s Day Icon Set

Smashing Magazine presents to you Cuberto‘s fantastic St. Valentine’s icon set. The icons presented are available in transparent PNGs as well as Photoshop PSDs (128×128 px) and are perfect for any projects you have coming up for St. Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

Extracting Logos Using Levels In Adobe Fireworks

The author has improved the process of handling multi-colored logos and non-white backgrounds; it works best on solid-colored text and shapes with clear outlines. Because it involves Fireworks’ awesome features and tools, this method is a quick and easy solution that you can incorporate in your Web and interface design workflows.

Create Monstrous Characters with Illustrator CS5's Bristle Brush

Creating works of art just became so much easier with the new Bristle Brushes in Illustrator CS5. Using a Wacom tablet, you can easily create realistic flowing hair, pressure and direction sensitive sketches, all in vector format. We're going to use them to create some monsters.

Pixel Perfection: Showcase of Inspired Pixel Art

In this showcase, we will take a look at some of the work of a handful of stunningly talented pixel artists. Seeing the depth to which these intricate creators go to bring their pixel art pieces to life is beyond inspiring, it is often breathtaking. Once you get your fill of inspiration, the post finishes with some wonderful pixel art tutorials for getting you on the way to creating some stunning works of your own.

How To Create a Vibrant Cloud Icon in Photoshop

Follow this step by step Adobe Photoshop tutorial to create a colourful and vibrant cloud icon. We’ll be using plenty of gradients and lighting effects to produce a really cool icon perfect for a modern website design or mobile app.

Exclusive Vector Freebie: New Social Media Icon Set

Feast your eyes on this new exclusive freebie that can add some flair and style to your web design projects, and be sure to download it for your arsenal of resources. We hope that you will all enjoy and get some use out of these awesome icons!

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