Upload files with PHP

This tutorial explains how to create the upload form with PHP.
It covers uploading and renaming file, limiting file size, restricting file types and form validation.

PHP url parameter and page include

I´ve been asked several times how to solve this problem.
Let´s say you have folder which stores files with the content of the pages.
You also have an index.php page from which you send requests via url to display a relevant page.

This tutorial explains one of the approaches this can be done.
Create dropdown menus using array

This tutorial will explain how to create a dropdown menu using function which populates values from the array.

Active button with CSS and PHP
This tutorial will explain you how to make your button (link) in the navigation active when you are on a specific page.
Form to Email (CDOSYS)
This tutorial shows you how to make a Form which sends details to you via an Email based on CDOSYS. I have provided working ASP files for you to view and customise to your own needs.
Send Email when someone enters data into your database
Dreamweaver MX / Insert form into Database and Email

This tutorial will show you how to build a form which will insert the data taken into an Access database and then email that data to a given recipient
Recordset Paging with Page Numbers
First I didn't write this but found it on a site that no longer exists and I wanted to put it up because many people have this question and most people answer it by telling them to buy an extension. You should not have to spend $40 in order to do this in my opinion.
Show Records until a Certain date
This short tutorial will show you how to use a quick WHERE statement to filter your records so it only shows whilst the date column in the table is either greater or equal to the current day.
Convert a Date to ISO format

This short tutorial will show you how to take any date, either in a database or passed in your page, and split it up and reassemble in the ISO format.

This can be very helpful in querying against your database, as it does not require the database to be set to your localised language and thus Date format, I have also found Access plays a lot nicer when the Date is in ISO format.

Create a Login page and Userdetails table
This Tutorial walks you through setting up a database table to house your Users login details, and set up a Login page within Dreamweaver.

It also included details on Restricting access to pages within your site to only those who have logged in via your Login page.
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