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Close form submit within ALP

Asked 07 Jul 2010 02:50:32
has this question
07 Jul 2010 02:50:32 b w posted:
Have read the FAQ, no joy.
I have a form in ALP:
I want ALP to close when the, contact me, is clicked.
The ALP popup name is, Contact.
The JS is:
<input name="bwprog_submit" type="submit" class="formButton" id="bwprog_submit" tabindex="3" onclick="MM_callJS('cDMXPopupWindow.closeWindow(\'dmxPopupContact\')')" value="Contact me" />
What happens now, is nothing, the ALP waits until the timer times down, then closes/sends.
Pleas help, and Thanks! BW


Replied 07 Jul 2010 19:16:10
07 Jul 2010 19:16:10 b w replied:
I'm not at my CS3DW right now, but did I overlook the obvious?
Is there a, Close window behavior that I could link to the, Contact me, button on my form?
Replied 08 Jul 2010 14:40:13
08 Jul 2010 14:40:13 b w replied:
I've tried both JScripts, no joy. The parent script does close ALP, but no data is sent from the Form.
The other script has no effect.
Best guess is to focus on the validation code of the Form.
For Re: the form was created with, Form Builder from WA.
Any ideas are welcome. Thanks, BW.
Replied 09 Jul 2010 05:31:17
09 Jul 2010 05:31:17 b w replied:
I'm a hard head - I thought that since the ALP/form was sorta working - once the ,contact me, button was clicked, the ALP/form layer would close, then open with the index page in a APL layer, then time out and close based on my timer settings, if I took out the timer settings that might be acceptable.
That did not work, the ALP/form closes, then the ALP/index page opens and does not close unless I manually close it.
I have the , gdform.php file on the server set to go to the index page once the form has been submitted.
The ALP/form is back to timer based so you can see what is happening. Any ideas?
Replied 10 Jul 2010 03:54:57
10 Jul 2010 03:54:57 b w replied:
Re: I have the , gdform.php file on the server set to go to the index page once the form has been submitted.
Not correct, gdform is is set to Post.

Cannot figure why once the ALP Form's, contact me button is clicked, the ALP Form closes, then a new ALP layer with my index page opens (same size as the ALP Form layer).
This new ALP layer with my index page stays open until it is manually closed or the layer times out.

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