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Adv Layer popup pb updating rev 1.07 to 1.08

Asked 09 Nov 2012 08:57:19
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09 Nov 2012 08:57:19 jean-claude jcg posted:
Adv Layer popup pb updating rev 1.07 to 1.08
The version 1.07 works with a folder named styles
The version 1.08 works with a folder named Styles
That difference s S is catastrophic, it creates a systematic malfunction of Web sites developped with 1.07 version
Would it possible to obtain a patch, witch applied to 1.08 version, regenerates s in place of S for folder Styles and the 2 links toward Styles created in each page whitch used Advance Layer Popup ?


Replied 15 Nov 2012 09:27:58
15 Nov 2012 09:27:58 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Jean-Claude,

The problem is that the 1.08 version is the right one. The capital s is the common one used throughout our extensions. So better change your sites that are using the 1.07 version to have a capital s for the styles folder.

Replied 16 Nov 2012 09:00:09
16 Nov 2012 09:00:09 jean-claude jcg replied:
Bravo! Congratulations for your professionalism...
Tru a semi automatic tool, you recommand updating of your extensions.
Unfortunately, you don't guarantee the ascending compatibility beetween the successive versions.
Precisely, when you update Advance Layer Popup from 1.07 to 1.07, whithout any warning, you proceed to a stupid change of s to S for the first letter of the major folder styles.
Consequently all the preceeding pages (1.07) can no more be used and your only answer to your poor dummy customer is "Help yourself, do necessary manually risky changes".
The impact on my applications is very heavy.
Thanks a lot for your cooperation.
Replied 16 Nov 2012 09:16:08
16 Nov 2012 09:16:08 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Jean-Claude,

I understand your frustration but that is the only available way to handle the problem recently.


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