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Asked 30 Nov 2022 13:04:13
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30 Nov 2022 13:04:13 Red Velvet posted:
Monitoring events in the world of digital currencies is not an easy task. Every day there are a lot of events and activities in the crypto space, not to mention developments and updates to various projects. Because of the large amount of information and the complexity of tracking it. What is the best way to track information? Maybe there's a website that helps you do that.


Replied 30 Nov 2022 13:42:48
30 Nov 2022 13:42:48 User  replied:
Keeping track of information, events, and news will help you with the crypto calendar - a platform that provides access to news and all relevant information about future and current events in the crypto world. Hodlers platform monitors news, exchange rates, new coin launches, etc., using various sources, aggregates the received information, and provides it to its users. I always turn to this platform for help.
Replied 30 Nov 2022 14:13:19
30 Nov 2022 14:13:19 Tommy Cooper replied:
For several days I searched for the right platform for me. Thanks to you I found it. On it, I found a crypto calendar, analytics, actual news, and a lot of interesting posts about the crypto market.
Replied 08 Dec 2022 13:49:02
08 Dec 2022 13:49:02 Margarita Jin replied:
Our team creates a specialized cryptocurrency exchange script that enables businesses to make use of crypto assets through acquisition, protection, and trade. We have expertise developing safe software for cryptocurrency trading platforms that allows us to reconcile and clear transactions involving Bitcoin and many other digital assets.
Replied 10 Jan 2023 22:12:40
10 Jan 2023 22:12:40 William Byrd replied:
Hello. I am currently looking for such information. I want to buy bitcoin, but I don't know anything about it. I am interested in crypto games. If you have such information, please share it with me. Thanks in advance.
Replied 10 Jan 2023 23:03:58
10 Jan 2023 23:03:58 User  replied:
Nowadays, there are a lot of different opportunities for earning money on the Internet using cryptocurrencies, and as for me, I recommend that you read this article about these crypto games. I just hope you can find something reliable and enjoyable for yourself in the future. Hope I helped you. Good luck guys.
Replied 16 Jan 2023 17:00:57
16 Jan 2023 17:00:57 Mike Anderson replied:
Трекинговая платформа Affilka позволяет управлять участниками партнерской программы вашего онлайн-казино. Вы сможете отслеживать результативность маркетинговых кампаний и реферальных ссылок ваших партнеров, создавать индивидуальные комиссионные планы, а также проводить автоматизированные выплаты по ним.
Replied 03 Mar 2023 19:21:56
03 Mar 2023 19:21:56 Benjamin Miller replied:
Cryptocurrency is an internet-based medium of exchange which uses cryptographical functions to conduct financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies leverage blockchain technology to gain decentralization, transparency, and immutability. Cryptocurrency experts remain bullish on the future of major cryptocurrencies.

Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin have been both good and bad investments. They have been good investments for those who purchased them early on before their big run up, and sold them near their all-time highs, back at the end of last year. But they have been bad investments for those who purchased them near the all-time highs, and either sold them in recent weeks as prices dropped, or continue to hold on to them with heavy losses.

Investing in crypto-coins or tokens is highly speculative and the market is largely unregulated. So basically if you have good information and time you can always be on the winning side. Believe me Crypto has made people billionaires and equally made people poor. Anyone considering it should have Good analysts at hand. Bondar is a Crypto Guru that gives me reviews and tools to always win in the crypto market, very recently even.

Now I make over $200 daily from mining coin with robots. And I invest in a few number of ICOs Bondar tells me to. And by the time the coins are released, It’s always big gains. You can equally learn from him if you are new to the crypto market and want to avoid loss. Contact him via Skype; Lyubov Bondar

The Cryptocurrency market is gaining back its momentum. And based on the look alike with the recent bitcoin and equally lite coin chart. The prices are going up.
Replied 03 Mar 2023 19:22:27
03 Mar 2023 19:22:27 Benjamin Miller replied:
In 2009, a mysterious person or persons who went under the name Satoshi Nakatomo wrote a piece of software that would become the foundation of a new kind of money: cryptocurrency. For a while, bitcoin and it’s brethren was just a hobby for computer programmers and math nerds but recently, its drawn the interest of investors, banks, and governments who wonder if it might actually start competing with traditional currencies like dollars and yen.

Bitcoin’s been in the news a lot lately, but if you’re like most people, you’ve probably never used it and don’t know exactly what it is. According to some estimates, over 16 million people Americans buy and sell Bitcoin frequently, and over 100,000 merchants and vendors worldwide accept it as payment. Is that enough to qualify as a currency and should you be getting on the crypto-bandwagon before its too late?

We talk about how money is based on trust. You trust that this dollar has value because your government says it does. You trust your bank when they tell you how much money you is in your account. But cryptocurrency is unique in that there are no centralized powers, no governments, no banks to enforce its value or track its accounting instead every single bitcoin transaction is added to an encrypted ledger called a “blockchain” that is shared publicly on thousands of computers all over the world. Updating this blockchain involves solving a special maths problem and takes a lot of computer power. Bitcoin miners who create and update the blockchain and are rewarded for their work with shiny new bitcoins, each imprinted with the whole history of bitcoin transactions since the blockchain began. No one can counterfiet bitcoin because everyone knows exactly how much everyone else is supposed to have.

Your bitcoin wallet is doesn’t really hold bitcoins, it’s just an encrypted key that gives you access to however many bitcoins the blockchains says you have which means that unlike a bank that will give you a new debit card if you lose yours, there is no way to retrieve a lost key. One man in the Uk mistakenly threw away the hard drive that had his key on it and his $100 million worth of bitcoins are permanently trapped in cyberspace limbo, inaccessible to anyone ever.

Bitcoin is not highly regulated and that’s made it the go-to currency for shall we say less than savory activities, drugs, prostitution and other black market items are regularly paid for in bitcoins because of the pseudo-anonymity it provides. According to a study at the University of Sydney, nearly half of all bitcoin transactions are used for illegal activities. And new cryptocurrencies like Monero are growing in popularity as they claim to be completely anonymous. But there are other reason why Bitcoin hasn’t gone mainstream. As you have probably heard in the news recently, it’s really volatile. Just in the past couple years, the price of one bitcoin has gone from around $500 to almost $20,000, then back down to around $7000. So even if your local coffee shop wanted to accept Bitcoin, they’d have to be constantly update the menu board prices. And because it can take pretty long to update the blockchain, your latte will probably be cold by the time you get it.

So if bitcoin isn’t really feasible as a mainstream currency just yet, why is everyone talking about it? Well most people are interested in Bitcoin not as a currency, but as a speculative investment. Just like gold, tulips or beanie babies, any resource that fluctuates wildly in price will attract people who want to get rich quick and some people do. But speculative investing is ultra-risky. Unlike a rental property or a successful business, bitcoin has no intrinsic value hoping that you can buy the thing from one sucker and sell it to an even bigger sucker for more money. And even though the number of Bitcoins is finite-the original programmers coded in a hard limit of 21 million new cryptocurrencies using blockchain are popping up every day. Maybe Monero, Zcash or Etherum will ultimately overtake Bitcoin as the most popular cryptocurrency. Some experts even believe that crypto might become adopted by governments some day. So if you are thinking about investing in bitcoin, you should ask yourself the same things any speculative investors would: Maybe someday we will be using cryptocurrency to rent hover-boards on Mars but today it’s popularity is based more on potential than its practicality.
Replied 03 Mar 2023 19:22:50
03 Mar 2023 19:22:50 Benjamin Miller replied:
What you see below the screen is the RSI indicator. It shows the power of a movement (either up or down) and the strength supporting the movement of the price.

Now as you see on the chart from point 1 to point 2 the price was rising but take a look at the RSI as it’s falling from point 1 to point 2. Now the question is “Why the heck it the price going up but the RSI falling down?”.

Well this is called Divergence. The real reason that this divergence showed up here is that the big (smart) money pulled out of the market at point 1 (Either all of the big smart money or a big chunk of it). Then after point 1 the price decreased for two weeks as you can see on the chart. Now that the big whales are out, the small fish came swimming and put their money in so the price goes up to point 2 but there’s a difference between price reaching point 1 and price reaching point 2. The difference is that for example 10 rich whales invested 10 billion dollars in bitcoin so it reached point 1, then they pulled out their money and the small fish came to play so 100,000 normal people invested 10 billion in bitcoin and it rose again to point 2. Do you see the difference? 10 rich smart whales don’t panic, they know what they’re doing, but 100,000 average traders who are looking to make a quick buck will panic with the first sign of danger. so from point 1 to point 2 those big whales pulled out of the market so slow and subtle that those fish didn’t suspect a thing. They kept buying the overpriced bitcoin and the whales were happy to sell at the top. One red candle shows up, the fish panic and sell like crazy and the rest is history.

That divergence is the real reason why the prices dropped but there’s no reason to panic. Heavy drops are good for the market. The funny part is that now while the fish are panicking and selling their valuable assets those whales would enter again and buy the cheap coins to get ready for the $100k bitcoin (remember bitcoin dropped from $20k to $3200 to get ready for the $40k, $50k and $60k.
Replied 03 Mar 2023 19:23:11
03 Mar 2023 19:23:11 Benjamin Miller replied:
Some of the major benefits of using cryptocurrencies are:

Integrity Of Transactions

Cryptocurrencies cannot be transferred to third parties without the user. Therefore with cryptocurrency transactions, there is no risk of fraud or cheating. The user has complete control of the transaction and currency which is hosted on a centralized technology.

With cryptocurrencies, there is no possibility of any third party manipulating the payment or the sender reversing the payment and therefore requires less trust than in traditional banking.

24/7 Tracking Of Payments

Traditional banking systems require senders or receivers to track their payments via bank systems over periods of three days or more. This creates uncertainty for the sender and receiver of funds. With cryptocurrency transactions can be tracked on a second to the second basis and the exact time of delivery of payment can be gathered with more certainty. This creates security for the sender and receiver.

Blockchain delivers more safety and security for money and assets in the digital form with its defined financial rules and a clear process for verifying transactions. That's exactly why many banks are adopting the technology.

Security Of Currency And Transactions

Our world is filled with instances of credit card fraud and theft, especially in the online shopping sphere. Instead of being afraid to purchase online in case your credit card details are misused, cryptocurrencies are currently the safest and easiest means of shopping online without risk or loss.

You Own It

Instead of securing and saving your funds in banks, investments and brokerage houses, where you are subject to their terms and conditions and pay enormous fees for them to store your money simply, cryptocurrency allows you to keep what is yours at no additional fee.
Replied 23 Aug 2023 02:57:40
23 Aug 2023 02:57:40 User  replied:
Cryptowisser's guide to Cryptocurrencies is a comprehensive and user-friendly resource for individuals eager to understand the intricacies of the digital financial landscape. Covering a wide array of topics ranging from blockchain technology fundamentals to detailed explorations of various cryptocurrencies, this guide offers invaluable insights to both newcomers and experienced enthusiasts. Sure, here's the complete sentence using the provided anchor text: "For a comprehensive understanding of the digital financial landscape, explore Cryptowisser's guide to cryptocurrencies. With its clear explanations and regularly updated content, readers can easily grasp the complexities of this rapidly evolving domain. Whether you're interested in investment strategies, mining processes, or potential real-world applications, Cryptowisser's guide empowers you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. In an ever-changing world, this guide serves as a reliable compass, helping you navigate the exciting realm of cryptocurrencies with confidence.
Replied 25 Sep 2023 10:57:15
25 Sep 2023 10:57:15 User  replied:
Hello everyone, modern technologies allow you to send money transfers to the recipient's bank accounts, to a card or within the payment system itself. Transfers are made instantly, regardless of the day and time of day, in different currencies, for a small commission. Many payment systems also have electronic wallets among their services. This is a place where you can store electronic money. Electronic wallets can also be used to pay for services and make transfers. Electronic wallets are often not tied to a country and work with different currencies. One of the advantages of e-wallets is that you do not have to pay for their maintenance. The commission is charged only for transactions. In addition to standard electronic wallets, there are also bitcoin wallets. Their purpose is similar to traditional e-wallets, except that the bitcoin wallet stores cryptocurrency and transactions are made only in bitcoins. By the way, at present, a smart payment system like on payadmit.com/ supports all payment methods, including those using cryptocurrency.
Replied 07 Oct 2023 07:25:05
07 Oct 2023 07:25:05 Herry Dertoklop replied:
One aspect to consider is the choice of a reliable trading platform or broker. Ensure they are regulated and have a good reputation. Also, it's vital to keep emotions in check when trading. Greed and fear can lead to impulsive decisions. Stick to your trading plan and use risk-reward ratios to guide your trades. Additionally, stay updated on market news and trends, as they can greatly impact your positions. And always have an exit strategy in place, whether it's a stop-loss or take-profit order.
Replied 07 Oct 2023 07:26:03
07 Oct 2023 07:26:03 Siona Shent replied:
Based on my personal experience, I will recommend you a reliable platform that is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders, offering a wide range of trading instruments including stocks, options, futures and forex. Their fees are competitive, especially if you are an active trader. What sets them apart in the market is their global reach and reputation for reliability. They operate in multiple countries, so you can access different international markets. Plus, their customer support is top-notch, with responsive service and educational resources to help you get started. I have been trading with fbs for many years and find their platform to be intuitive and efficient. They also prioritize security, which is important when trading online. Overall, this is a broker that combines accessibility, variety and reliability, making it a reliable choice for international traders.
Replied 22 Nov 2023 13:40:58
22 Nov 2023 13:40:58 Si Xuan replied:
I would like to share a useful financial portal that helped me to understand how to make money from cryptocurrency mining. Following the step-by-step instructions, I managed to learn how to mine cryptocurrency with a relatively small investment. By connecting to the pool of miners through the MinerGate software, I was able to earn money using the power of my computer.

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