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How to auto-forward AOL mails to Yahoo or Gmail?

Shared 06 Feb 2023 05:33:05
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06 Feb 2023 05:33:05 Michel Wilson posted:
To auto-forward AOL emails to either Yahoo or Gmail, follow these steps:
1. Enter into your Yahoo or Gmail account.
2. Go to the “Settings” or “Options” tab and look for the “Accounts” section.
3. Now, for Gmail users, you will see the “Add a POP3 Mail Account” option and for Yahoo
users, you will simply see the “Add” option. Click on it depending on the email service you
are using.
4. Enter the aol.com mail login email address in the field and then click on “Next Step”.
5. For Gmail users, select the settings to synchronize email messages to your Gmail account
and for Yahoo, users click on the “Set Up to Receive Email” option and then click on “Save”.
6. In the end, click on the “Add Account” button to finish the process.


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19 Apr 2024 07:16:32 finn adams replied:
Does anyone know how to forward AOL mails to Zoho? I tried searching for an answer and got one but still want a simpler solution to the problem.

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