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export ADDT dynamyc list or Recordset?

Asked 19 Apr 2013 14:54:41
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19 Apr 2013 14:54:41 tony dolce posted:
Hi all,
I have a page containing an ADDT dynamic list.
You know that you can filter this lists by every field.
But how can I export the filtered list?
Or, at least, is there a way to export a recordset in the same page having, for example, a button like "export to XLS"?



Replied 19 Apr 2013 15:21:22
19 Apr 2013 15:21:22 tony dolce replied:
Just forgot to add: I tried the tutorial included with the extension that says to create a link and then select the UDExporter server behaviour.
Once done the final page containing the recordset gets exported as soon as it loads. But I would like to trigger the export action with the link above.

Replied 19 Mar 2014 13:19:42
19 Mar 2014 13:19:42 Paul Maher replied:
Did you get this sorted - I have an old addt list I'd like to add export to as well ???

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