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wrong extension number display or is it not updating?

Reported 13 Oct 2013 21:19:53
has this problem
13 Oct 2013 21:19:53 manuel pinto posted:
Last update of extension is 1.1.5 but file dmxDataExporter.php say Version: 1.1.4
Is this a wrong extension number display or is it not updating?
And, is there a way to force export data with UTF-8 encoding?


Replied 14 Oct 2013 08:33:01
14 Oct 2013 08:33:01 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Manuel,
It seems we forgot to update the number in the code - this will be fixed in the next update.
Please tell me which export option are you referring to with the utf-8 question?
Replied 14 Oct 2013 10:58:14
14 Oct 2013 10:58:14 manuel pinto replied:
I got a mysql databe and a sort of tables. Everything is encoded with utf-8 unicode. When i try to export data to excel using the option html table all the words with signals (~ or ´ become strange (disformated). I have to use binay option to fix these things

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