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Caption placement

Shared 20 Feb 2013 10:30:28
like this idea
20 Feb 2013 10:30:28 David Woolley posted:
Is it possible to place a detailed description or caption below the projected lightbox image? It can be done with Lokesh Dhakar's Lightbox.


Replied 20 Feb 2013 10:39:51
20 Feb 2013 10:39:51 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello David.

Unfortunately displaying descriptions inside the lightbox is functionality which is not present with the current version of the product. I will put your idea in the wishlist schedule for future updates. Our developers will take a look and consider if such feature will be implemented.

Replied 20 Feb 2013 11:06:25
20 Feb 2013 11:06:25 David Woolley replied:
Thanks Vulcho - I'll carry on with Lokesh's version until this has been implemented in DMX Lightbox. Animated Thumbnail Gallery has this feature in the Lightbox projected images. Title at the top & description at the bottom when moused over. I need a description in a white textbox below the image.

Replied 20 Feb 2013 12:35:30
20 Feb 2013 12:35:30 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello David.

I inspected the functionality provided by the Lightbox you mentioned.You can achieve similar functionality using the "Tittle" field in the user interface of the product.


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