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Not able to finish install of Lightbox - not accepting type

Asked 06 May 2014 05:41:04
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06 May 2014 05:41:04 Greg Hartford posted:
I installed DW CS6 and Lightbox via Extensions Manager. However, problem happens after the serial number window (# was already showing as a result of earlier CS version). At the next window where I am supposed to sign in to DMXzone, it will not take my text. The insertion point is blinking but nothing that I type shows. I have tried several times and rebooted without a change. Please provide solution.


Replied 06 May 2014 10:10:49
06 May 2014 10:10:49 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Greg,
Did you uninstall the Lighbotx from your previous CS version first?

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