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Dynamic elements

Asked 27 Oct 2009 18:15:25
have this question
27 Oct 2009 18:15:25 karl hemmings posted:
Hi there, this looks very cool.

Quick question:

Is it possible to create a 'dynamic' content list (pictures, descriptions, prices etc) in ASP?

If so, any help file or guidance notes?

Advice appreciated []


Replied 27 Oct 2009 21:18:08
27 Oct 2009 21:18:08 Kay Kentfield replied:
... and PHP please!

If it can, this will be very, very cool!
Replied 27 Oct 2009 23:43:17
27 Oct 2009 23:43:17 George Petrov replied:
Hi Karl & Kay,

I'm glad you like it!

Yes it will work fine with dynamic elements - you can enter those manually but to make it even more easier I'm working on an Add-on so you can select dynamic data from the interface in a more DW natural way. Well if you do it manually you still can do it with Dreamweaver's own repeat region and stuff but its just a bit diving in the source code. It works just like the Dynamic way in the CSS Image Gallery - see this movie:

So it is up to you if you want to make it manually dynamic or wait for the add-on

Replied 30 Oct 2009 09:30:16
30 Oct 2009 09:30:16 Brian Ray replied:
Any date estimate on the integrated Add-On you mention?
Replied 30 Oct 2009 14:15:27
30 Oct 2009 14:15:27 Patrick Julicher replied:
Hi Brian,

Sorry, but an estimated date can not be given yet.

Kind regards, Patrick
Replied 24 Mar 2010 13:59:16
24 Mar 2010 13:59:16 Jon Upton replied:
Any News its been a long time since George whetted our appetite with his dynamic addon?
Replied 07 Aug 2013 19:30:52
07 Aug 2013 19:30:52 phil vouers replied:
I added dynamic content and it was quite easy to do. By doing it this way I can database drive any number of images and content

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