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Asked 26 Jul 2010 07:07:57
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26 Jul 2010 07:07:57 Dave Filchak posted:
Any way to put videos, either in to the HTML5 Slideshow -OR- into lightbox, which would allow us to click on a poster image, open lightbox the play the video and then go back to the slideshow?


Replied 26 Jul 2010 14:25:05
26 Jul 2010 14:25:05 George Petrov replied:
Hi Dave,

Of course this is possible and very easy. Just as you said use a poster image in the HTML5 Slideshow and the video as a lightbox link on it.

Todo so just choose as link the video file (.flv or .swf) and as target dmxLightbox - this will open the video directly in a lightbox.

Replied 26 Jul 2010 19:55:34
26 Jul 2010 19:55:34 Dave Filchak replied:
Will t only work with .flv or .swf ... or will it work with other formats, like .mov as well?


Replied 27 Jul 2010 00:05:01
27 Jul 2010 00:05:01 George Petrov replied:
Hi Dave,

The DMXzone Lightbox have a build in video player that can handle:

.flv .m4v .f4v .f4p .f4a .f4b

video files. It uses the FlowPlayer video player to play them in a nice movie player interface.

So just make sure your video files are with one of those extensions and you should be ok.


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