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Just got a notice that the DMX Installer will be uninstalling some of my extensions?

Asked 30 Sep 2015 17:06:36
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30 Sep 2015 17:06:36 Brad Lawryk posted:
I use mainly DMX extensions exclusively, yet I still need to have my WebAssist extensions installed for legacy work but mainly because they still do a lot of everyday common things that DMX can't. So I just updated the DMX EM and I keep getting a notice that it will be uninstalling three extensions. Of course those are the three WebAssist ones as they are the only non DMX ones I have. Is this a fact that the DMX EM will be uninstalling other extensions?

If this is the case it will be a huge mistake on DMX's part.


Replied 30 Sep 2015 17:45:25
30 Sep 2015 17:45:25 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hi Brad,
Please download and install the latest version of the DMXzone EM from our website (1.0.11) then try again.
Replied 30 Sep 2015 17:55:48
30 Sep 2015 17:55:48 Brad Lawryk replied:
That is the version I have and the version that is telling me about removing extensions.

BTW: If you go to 'About Extension Manager' on a Mac it still says it is version 1.0.06 but in the extension manager preferences it says 1.0.11.
Replied 30 Sep 2015 18:31:51
30 Sep 2015 18:31:51 George Petrov replied:
Hi Brad,

that is weird indeed. Normally the unautorized extensions warning should only popup for the DMXzone owns extensions only - so those listed on DMXzone site.

We will investigate - but in the meantime you can try to delete the DMXzone Extension Manager cache file:

open Finder, choose Go / Go To Folder ..
enter ~/Library/Application Support/

and in there delete the folder called: dmxzone-extension-manager

Then install it completely from scratch (that will also fix you the About version)


Replied 30 Sep 2015 18:41:03
30 Sep 2015 18:41:03 Brad Lawryk replied:
Thanks George, I'll give it a try .... but then I will have to re-install all my extensions as well?

Edit: Oh, and have a great time in LA! Sorry, I won't be there this year but I look forward to what you are announcing.
Replied 30 Sep 2015 18:52:26
30 Sep 2015 18:52:26 George Petrov replied:
No you don't have to reinstall the extensions, they will be automatically detecten. Well in case the 3 of WA keeps complaining you might try to reinstall only those.

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