Debunking Five Common Intranet Myths

Does the Loch Ness monster exist? Were all those crop circles really the work of some drunken college students? How about that whole "aliens helped the Egyptians build the Pyramids of Giza" thing? Myths abound; some are passed down from generation to generation while others are more suited to the tabloids.

There's no shortage of myths in the corporate world either — most of which are based on a lack of understanding. Over the years I've received many e-mails from readers with some pretty wild, and even dangerous, misconceptions about intranet development and management. In this article I'll take a look at five of these common intranet myths.

By Paul Chin

Chris Charlton

Chris CharltonChris, Los Angeles' CSS & ActionScript guru, successfully cannonballed into web development in the late 90's. Always caught up with the latest in Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and XML, Chris authored premium articles for the largest Dreamweaver/Flash community ( and produced WebDevDesign (iTunes featured), a popular Web Design & Development Podcast. Somewhere, Chris finds time to run an authorized Adobe user group focused around open source and Adobe technologies. Being a big community leader, Chris Charlton remains a resident faculty member of the Rich Media Insitute and lends himself to speak at large industry events, like JobStock, NAB, and FITC Hollywood.

Brain cycles from Chris are always Web Standards, Flash Platform, and accessibility.

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