Multi Upload Bundle ASP.NET

Get our best upload extensions in one bundle, Pure ASP.NET Upload 2 and Advanced Multi Uploader allow you to manage and upload multiple files in just a few clicks! 



Pure ASP.NET Upload 2

This extension will allow you to upload files quick and easy to your server and perform various checks on these files in the progress!

The extension has been discontinued. Please get HTML5 File Upload.

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Advanced Multi Uploader

Full file management and multiple secure uploads in just a few clicks!

Use Advanced Multi Uploader to allow full file management and multiple secure uploads in just a few clicks! Use the easy browsing feature for the selection of files to upload, automatically generate a clear overview and advanced status report with progress bars and the condition of the selected files. Optionally remove files from your overview or upload queue and customize it to any site design.

The Advanced Multi Uploader component is fully integrated with the latest PHP & ASP Upload extensions, is build for the Flash 9 player and weighs less then 60kb.

The extension has been deprecated. Please, get HTML5 File Upload and DMXzone Server Connect!

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Type: Behavior
Product: Dreamweaver MX 2004, Dreamweaver 8, Dreamweaver CS3

George Petrov

George PetrovGeorge Petrov is a renowned software writer and developer whose extensive skills brought numerous extensions, articles and knowledge to the DMXzone- the online community for professional Adobe Dreamweaver users. The most popular for its over high-quality Dreamweaver extensions and templates.

George is also the founder of - the most Advanced Web & App Builder

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