DMXzone Designer Suite

An amazing design collection that will help you create beautiful galleries and multimedia presentations with inline popups, stunning effects and fantastic slide shows. You can also preview them in a great Lightbox designed and drown especially for you, now available in a single bundle!

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A nifty flash gallery for all your photos
Create dazzling multimedia presentations
Create real-time image effects on your web page
Pure CSS galleries and slideshows
Dazzle your viewers with 3D photo navigation
Transform your images into a 3D experience that will stun your users.
Great looking photos in a modal stylish popup

Flash Album Generator 2

Ever wanted to have a nifty flash gallery for all your photos? This extension will resize your photos with Fireworks, create thumbnails and put them in an amazing Flash Album. The album is generated from Dreamweaver within a few clicks!


Active Slideshow Pro

Create dazzling multimedia presentations, slideshows and banners with Active Slideshow Pro. This extension builds on the success of Active Slideshow and gives you new spectacular effects and optimal control over your slides, texts, transitions and sounds.


Flash Image Enhancer

Create real-time image effects on your web page with Flash Image Enhancer. Use rounded corners, borders, drop shadows, blur, grayscale and mouse over effects like an image description that slides in! 


CSS Image Gallery

CSS Image Gallery allows you to create cool pure CSS galleries and slideshows with a fluent navigation and image transitions. Due to its CSS nature it is fully customizable and fits in any site design. You can even create a fancy slideshow with automatic thumbnail popup navigation.

3D ImageFlow Gallery

Dazzle your viewers with 3D photo navigation using 3D ImageFlow Gallery. Create an amazing gallery with cool  perspective effects in seconds and give your photos stunning 3d and camera effects.


3D Photo Wall

Create an interactive moving 3D Photo Wall directly in Dreamweaver. Zoom in to full-size versions of images, add links and even inline popups using Advanced Layer Popup or DMXzone Lightbox. Directly use photos from your camera or hard drive as the build-in DMXzone image processor will automatically rotate your images and make thumbnails in an eye blink. No external application is needed!


DMXzone Lightbox

The DMXzone Lightbox is the first ever Canvas based Lightbox control! With Canvas the design of your Lightbox is fully drawn online! No more including weird corner images to make it look good!


Active Slideshow Pro and Advanced Layer Popup join forces In this video we demonstrate how you can create an amazing slideshow that is displayed in an inline popup that is not blocked by popup blockers.


Combining DMXzone Lightbox and Flash Image Enhancer
With this movie we will show you how easily you can combine in Dreamweaver two of the most amazing DMXzone extensions - Flash Image Enhancer and DMXzone Lightbox, and give your users a great visual experience.

Watch the video read more

Using the DMXzone CSS Image Gallery and Flash MP3 Player
With this movie we will show you how easily you can play different sounds for each image using the DMXzone CSS Image Gallery and Flash MP3 Player.


Creating a 3D ImageFlow Gallery within a Lightbox
With this movie we will show you how easily you can use 3D ImageFlow Gallery within DMXzone Lightbox

Creating Set Sail Demo
In this movie we will show you how to include your images in a 3D Photo Wall, so that they can be presented in a popup.

Watch the video read more

Playing Flash Video Files within the DMXzone Lightbox
With this movie we will show you how to play flash video files (flv) within DMXzone Lightbox, using the built in flash player.



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Product: Dreamweaver 8, Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver CS4, Dreamweaver CS5/CS5.5 and CS6

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