Understanding MySQL for PHP

MySQL is one of the most popular Relational Database Management Systems and there are many web designers / developers who want to enter the world of the databases because majority of the websites these days stores the content of their pages as well as many other things like logins etc. inside of them. From this series you will learn what databases are and how to use and interact with MySQL Database Management System using phpMyAdmin as well as SQL statements via any sort of interface.

Understanding MySQL for PHP is the new series of videos where I'm explaining what MySQL is and how to use it to create your own database. Every week we will be publishing the new video to add to this series. This videos will give you a solid understanding of the databases and how to use them to store and retrieve the relevant information. You will learn about the database structure, different types of tables, different data types, how to store records in separate tables and refer to them using relationships, how to interact with the data using different SQL statements and much more...

Sebastian Sulinski

Sebastian SulinskiSebastian Sulinski is a web designer/developer with over 8 years experience. Education: BTEC HNC in Computing (Business Information Technology) followed by a Degree in Digital Media Development.
Sebastian is the director of Core Media Design Limited in Frome, Somerset.

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