Installing PWS with Windows ME

Microsoft says Windows ME does not contain the Personal Web Server (PWS). However, it is possible to install the PWS with Windows ME. See a page with links to resources dealing with the installation of PWS with Windows ME. Also includes Macromedia resources.

Personal Web Server (PWS) and Windows ME

some information presented by Stefanie Guim Marcé

In spring 2001 I was asked to write a book about ASP 3.0. Well, I did finally ... (The book appeared in German.)
When I started writing the book, I came across a problem - since I wasn't at home at that rtime, I used my notebook. And the operational system on my notebook is - Windows ME (surprise, surprise...)

Now there is a little problem with Windows ME, it does not contain the PWS which I needed at that time to test my ASP files locally.
This is how the story ran:

First I went to the official Microsoft Windows ME website. I didn't find any information there.
That is why I turned to the Microsoft Knowledge Base and searched for quite a while. Finally, I found what Microsoft says about using the PWS with Windows ME - well, basically it is that Windows ME does not include the PWS. (As if I had not known that before ....)

Next try. I turned to the major search engines and catalogs such as Altavista, Yahoo!, or Google.
At Yahoo! I found a whole site of links dealing with Windows ME. Basically, the links are specials from the time when Windows ME appeared. Nonetheless, I found some interesting information on Windows ME which I had not had before. At least, *this* try was worth something.

Finally, and by pure coincidence, I found a link that was helpful to me. It told me how to install PWS with Windows ME. People, this is what I call a useful link! Just follow the instructions and be astounded how well it works. This link is the tutorial I followed to install PWS with Windows ME.
Furthermore, I found some additional information at Macromedia and UltraDevFAQ.
However, when you are finishing the the installation, you are most likely to have this: Error Message: An Unknown Error Occurred While Making MTS Specific Changes to the System Registry . The link I have given here leads to the appropiate article in the Microsoft Knowlegde Base. The article also contains a patch (direct download) for the problem.

Furthermore you can find additional help here:

Well, I hope this short article has helped you a little.
Please email me if there are questions on the article:


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