Responsive Widgets

How interactive elements, such as JavaScript widgets, should look and behave

Responsive design is a hot topic of web development these days, and with a simple (and now well supported) way of handling the ‘one site for all clients’ model (and I mean clients as in browsers/platforms/devices, not the people that give you money in return for a web site) it should well be.

Using collections of utilities, such as the excellent 320&up, makes building responsively much easier, and handles most of the gotchas for you automatically, so instead of fretting on the technical side of implementing a responsive build, the challenge now rests on the responsive design and User Experience of the site, I.E. how should these content regions stack up in a mobile view? What is the best way to show this sidebar in a single-column layout? Building it is easy; thinking about how the design should adapt itself is the tricky part.

Daniela Vaseva

Daniela VasevaDaniela is writing tutorials, news, newsletters, and update emails for the DMXzone specialising in the sphere of electronic processing, analysis and publication of texts, and interested in the development of new Internet technologies and problems related to the cyberculture and net literature. She has a bachelor's degree in Bulgarian philology, and a master's degree in computational linguistics.

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