Colors of Spring: Color Palettes from Spring Flowers and Foliage

Enjoy these colors of renewal and the creative energy that Spring has to offer

As the icy grip of winter closes in tighter many begin to dream of spring. That time of renewed growth and warmer days that tends to draw us back outside and into nature’s waiting open arms. With the seeming promise from the old groundhog that we will more than likely be seeing a few more weeks of winter, we thought our readers could use a little piece of spring a bit early.


So we have prepared an inspiring showcase of not only photographs which highlight the colors of spring, but we’ve also created color palettes from the pics of spring flowers and foliage. So take a look below, and fill up on the palettes and creative energy that Spring has to offer. We hope you enjoy these colors of renewal.

Daniela Vaseva

Daniela VasevaDaniela is writing tutorials, news, newsletters, and update emails for the DMXzone specialising in the sphere of electronic processing, analysis and publication of texts, and interested in the development of new Internet technologies and problems related to the cyberculture and net literature. She has a bachelor's degree in Bulgarian philology, and a master's degree in computational linguistics.

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