The Developer's Guide to New Exciting Web Technologies

Some nifty new browser technologies that are not part of HTML5, including WebGL and SVG

Bruce Lawson, open web standards evangelist for Opera, looks at some nifty new browser technologies that are not part of HTML5, including WebGL and SVG. There are loads of exciting technologies coming just around the corner. By the time you've come to grips with the ones we've discussed above, it'll be time to worry about a whole load more. Have fun; remember to test in as many browsers as possible.

  • WebGL - WebGL stands for Web-based Graphics Library, and is managed by the non-profit Khronos Group. It's used in conjunction with the HTML5 <canvas> element to produce 3D graphics.

  • SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics have been around for ages in Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, but it wasn't until Internet Explorer began supporting it in IE9 that it became ready for primetime use, by which point it's been somewhat overshadowed by HTML5 <canvas>, although they are different tools for different jobs.

  • getUserMedia - Unlike many of the APIs that are erroneously called "HTML5", there's an excuse with getUserMedia – it started life as the HTML5 <device> element before becoming renamed and then hived off to the W3C's WebRTC suite of specifications.

  • File APIs - W3C File APIs allow JavaScript access to files on the local system. The most commonly-implemented API is FileReader, which is available in Opera, Firefox, Chrome and IE10 platform preview (but not Safari).

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