Tips for Designing a Compact Website Layout

It can take a lot of additional effort to build mobile-specific website templates

In this guide Jake Rocheleau would like to share some of the most common tips when designing for mobile screens. The web is a fluid beast constantly changing with the times. You have to limit your knowledge of building for desktop browsers in exchange for newer compact designs. The learning process is devious but after a bit of practice you’ll pickup mobile design very quickly.

To really make the layout “mobile” you need to express functionality in an easy-to-use manner. It’s important that your users can immediately navigate the site and find the information they need. It helps to think of your new layout in terms of a mobile app vs. an entire website.

You don’t want to limit functionality as much as rearrange the flow between pages. Reduce scrolling to a minimum and only for vertical content. Jake Rocheleau finds it easiest if you can build with a set number of HTML elements – h1-h3, paragraphs, and maybe some blockquotes.


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