How To Customize The WordPress Admin Easily

Learn how to customize the login page, logo, add widgets and more

In this article, Aurélien Denis takes a break from some of the more advanced ways to customize WordPress, and shares some super-easy customization techniques for the WordPress Admin area. If you’re just getting started with WordPress, or have been running with default functionality for a while and now want to dig in with some useful and easy ways to customize your WordPress site, a great place to start is the WordPress Admin area, or backend.


By default, logging in to the WordPress Admin area requires either /wp-admin or /wp-login.php in the URL, which isn’t a lot to type. You can, however, make it even easier by changing the login URL to something more memorable and better branded. This technique requires .htaccess file manipulation. Usually, this is a file hidden in the root of your WordPress installation. It’s automatically created by WordPress after setting custom permalinks using URL rewriting.


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