Author Listing And User Search For WP

Why author listing and user search are important in WordPress

This article will guide you through the process of creating a front-end page in WordPress that lists your authors. Cristian Antohe will discuss why you would want to do this, he’ll introduce the WP_User_Query class, and then he’ll put it it all together. At its core, WordPress is a rock-solid publishing platform. With a beautiful and easy to use interface, and support for custom post types and post formats, publishers have the flexibility to do what they do best: write content.


If you’re a publisher, your authors are your biggest asset. They are the content creators. Their writing gets consumed by millions of people all over the world. Showcasing them exposes them for what they really are: authorities. Your authors will thank you for acknowledging them, and readers will get to see the human face behind the technology. The WP_User_Query class allows us to query the user database. Besides returning an array of users, WP_User_Query returns general information about the query and, most importantly, the total number of users (for pagination).


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