Boosting Your Mobile Design With Light Effects

A fairly simple way to develop impact in your mobile design is through light effects

Light effects have been spicing up graphic designs for years. It’s a great way to add interest, realism, abstractionism, or even energy to a bland experience. Some designers consider light effects to be just simply decorations or even a cheap fix to a bad design. However, used properly light effects can really make an impact on the overall design and experience, including your mobile web site.


So, you have designed this really awesome layout; it’s perfectly balanced, has a brilliant color scheme, the composition is stunning and your type is perfectly kerned. But it still feels kind of dull and your app feels like it’s missing some personality. Inject a little personality and energy into your design with a little subtle (or even powerful) light effects. Not only are light effects just simply cool sometimes, they are also pretty useful when trying to move the design from just a design to an experience. When light effects are done right, they can inject: Realism, Dimension, Mood, Energy and Creativity.


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