Create a Retro Chrome Automobile Emblem

Create retro chrome emblem with some selection tools and layer styles in Photoshop

By combining certain fonts and styles, you can create graphics reminiscent of the automobile emblems of the 1950's, also known as Brightwork. In this tutorial John Shaver will show you how to create a reflective, retro chrome emblem using Photoshop layer styles and a few selection tricks. Let’s get started.


The first thing John Shaver is going to do is create his background. Create a new document, his is 1920 x 1280, and unlock the background layer. It doesn’t matter what color it is, because he is going to override that color using layer styles. Double click the name of your background layer in the Layers palette to open the layer styles dialog box. Using the pen tool, draw a black shape with a jagged line across the top as a new layer. This shape is going to be used to simulate the reflection of mountains in the distance. Change the Fill to 0% in the Layers palette.


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