Add a Simple Search Engine Box to Your Website

Make your page more practical with search box

Search is the most utilized and essential function in the web. The major search engines process billions of keyword requests daily, but there are still some websites and blogs that have yet to incorporate the vital feature. While customized search box solutions are offered by various business entities, David Elliot prefers to use only the results from major engines: Google, Yahoo!, or Bing.


If space is an issue on your website or blog, you can easily fit in a small Google search box that will suit your needs. The coding solution involves a combination of HTML and Javascript. This search box is ready to work almost immediately. Just change “” in the third-to-last line to your own domain. Other adjustments, such as to the width of the box, the amount of cell padding, and the initial message that appears in the box, can quickly be made before the final upload of the script to your site. The above search box only allows for locating content within the designated website. However, some site owners might want to give visitors the option of looking for a keyword on the wider web, as well.


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