Create a Stitched Denim Text Effect in Photoshop

Learn how to create a realistic stitched text effect

Rose is a graphic designer who has been using Photoshop since 2007 and in this tutorial, she will explain how to combine filters, brushes, and vector shapes to create a stitched denim text effect using Photoshop CS6. Let’s get started!


Create a new 1250 x 768 px document. Set the Foreground color to #83b7ca and the Background color to #22576b, then, fill the “Background” layer with the Foreground color. Next, Rose is going to apply some filters to create the denim texture. The same texture will be used for both the Background and the text. Start by going to Filter > Filter Gallery > Sketch > Halftone Pattern. Change the Size to 1, the Contrast to 0, and choose “Dot” from the Pattern Type drop down menu. This will create the base for the denim texture.


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