Create a Flash 5 Form & Retrieve Form Values on UD Page

Omar Elbaga of has completed a tutorial that will demonstrate how to create a form in Flash 5 and retrieve the values of that form in an Ultradev page.  Code examples are provided for both ASP(VBScript/Javascript) & Coldfusion. > UltraDev Tutorials for the UDnewbie
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Create Flash login form.
(ASP & Coldfusion Server Models)

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Goal: Create Flash form, retrieve flash form variables from a User dynamically on ASP or CFM page. As a demo, we will create something like a login form with 2 textfields (txtUsername, txtPassword) and 1 submit button. If you already know how to create these objects in Flash then you can do these steps in a breeze. If so you can skip along passed the explanation on how to create a form in Flash 5.

You will complete: 1 Flash 5 movie (consisting of a form), flash_form.asp or flash_form.cfm page.

Step 1:
Create form in Flash 5

1. Open a new document.

2. Go to Modify > Movie

3. Change the values as such:

4. Select the Text tool

5. Slide the tool across the movie about the size you want your Username textfield.

6. From Text Options select Input Text instead of Static Text.

7. Modify the other Text Options values with the following values, name the textfield txtUsername:

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Create Flash login form.
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