HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery Store Showcase
September 5, 2012
For this showcase page we used HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery in order to create a flipping image for the selected product. The trigger is on click and the flip direction is set to right. On the back we added HTML img tag. With the help of DMXzone Tabs we made three different tabs for more detailed information about the product.
Used Extensions
Universal CSS Navigation Menu
Interactivity – Create all kind of great web site navigation menus
DMXzone Google Maps
Design – Empower full featured Google Maps in Dreamweaver!
HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery
Photo & Video – Present your images in polaroid-like galleries with stunning effects
DMXzone Tabs
Design – Organize your content in tabs with amazing effects and styles
Sliding Billboard
Photo & Video – Organize your work greatly in a virtual book!
Used Templates
HTML5 Product Catalog Template
Design – Quick, easy to customize and affordable website template
HTML5 Product Catalog Design Kit
Collections – 5 amazing DMXzone extensions packed with a template