Check Out the New jQuery Mobile 1.2

This release brings a new popup widget, an autodivider and more

Not too long ago, the jQuery team released jQuery Mobile 1.2. This new release has some fantastic changes! In this article, Andy Matthews is going to review some of the new widgets available to developers, take a look at changes made to existing widgets, and glance over a few impactful enhancements that could affect your jQuery Mobile application. Firstly, you need to download the bits and bytes. Head over to the jQuery Mobile download page and download the option that best meets your needs.


The beating heart of any jQuery Mobile application are its widgets. Arguably they're the most visible part of the page, and the part that allows users to interact with the page in such an easy manner.


A popup modal is a small section of the page that overlays other parts of the page. They're most typically used as tooltips, or to display photos, maps, and additional content. This information is usually not important enough to warrant another page, but is still important to need displaying by itself. The way jQuery Mobile 1.2 has implemented popups is perfect.


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