Create a Vector Film Slate Icon

Learn how to make a nice looking film slate icon

In this tutorial, Rype will show you how to create a vector film slate icon with the help of Adobe Illustrator. The tutorial uses some basic shapes, some gradients, and even a blend. Moreover, you can easily customize this tutorial with your own logo or typography.


Create a new letter sized document. Use the Rectangle Tool (M) and create a rectangle 190 px wide by 150 px tall. With the rectangle selected go to Object > Path > Offset Path to bring up the Offset dialog. Change the Offset to 16 px. Select both rectangles and go to Filter > Stylize > Rounds Corner, then change the radius to 8px. Fill the larger rectangle with a Linear Gradient from the Gradient Panel. Change the first swatch on the Gradient Slider to a 50% black and the second swatch to a 80% black. Copy (Command + C) the smaller rectangle and Paste it in Front (Command + F). Next, use the Ellipse Tool (L) and create an ellipse that is 385 px wide by 230 px tall. Place the bottom of the ellipse halfway vertically over the rectangles.


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