Stop Chasing Screen Resolutions
by Ivo Rangelov Source article

Resolution is a funny thing to measure; it’s not a physical size change, but a clarity change. It’s not making images, brighter, or more rich in color, but making them denser. Of course, when designers get a taste of high-resolution displays, they’re hooked. And they all want their websites (and the websites of their clients) to look awesome on the devices that are sporting these displays. Many web designers are racing towards that goal by creating images for each new resolution that comes out.


Many of you know what SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) are. Adam Fairhead has seen it on the W3C HTML5 website, under “3D, Graphics & Effects”. SVG is a standard HTML5 technology, that displays images with code. Or something. The problem with bitmapped images is stopping you go truly resolution independent. He has always known that they don’t upscale, and now is no different. What he needs is vector graphics on his websites. Vector graphics are calculated by a series of instructions, rather than baked onto a grid where each pixel represents a color.

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