Forge Your Own Evil Sword of Evilness in Illustrator

Learn how to create an awesome sword in Illustrator

One to rule them all… Wait, that’s not the story. But, of course, every Lord of Darkness needs some dark, evil weapon that will make their enemies cry in fear just looking at it. Today Monika Zagrobelna will create an Evil Sword of Evilness in Adobe Illustrator, perfect for the vector warrior! So, let’s forge one!


Everything starts with an idea – no program will create it for you. So before you start, you will need to sketch a concept of your sword. In this tutorial you can use Monika's idea. It’s pretty simple, but this way it makes a good material for learning. Create a New Document and File > Place your sketch on the canvas. It’s going to be your template, a base for every part you’ll be building, so it should be there, ready to help you, but not in a disturbing way. To achieve this select the layer with the sketch, open Layer Menu and choose the option "Template". Now the layer is locked and slightly transparent, perfect for being there without distracting you in your work. The other thing you need to do before you start is to prepare a guideline (Guide).


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